MDC’s Final 2 Round Mock Draft

The NFL Draft is nigh! Time to churn out those final mock drafts before tonight’s extravaganza! And be sure to get nice and cozy before things officially kick off, because apparently sheer and utter lunacy is going to begin right off the bat…


1) Mitchell Trubisky (QB / North Carolina)

- 2nd Option: Myles Garrett 

- 3rd Option: Myles Garrett

- Dark Horse: Seriously, everything option SHOULD be Myles Garrett...

– Myles Garrett is one of the best #1 prospects this league has ever seen. His build and athleticism is off the charts good (I’m still amazed by the fact his vertical jump is elite for even NBA standards). Sure, his motor’s been questioned by someone trying to remind everyone he still exists, and there’s been some weird sound bytes by Garrett that are tabbed as jokes but instead come off as poignant jabs towards the Browns organization…but despite all of that, no one would’ve ever guessed that this pick would be anyone other than Myles Garrett.

Until now.

Mitchell Trubisky appears to have done the impossible: Overtake Myles Garrett as the #1 overall pick. Yikes. No, really….


We’ve known for awhile now that the Browns favor Mitchell Trubisky over the other quarterbacks in this draft class; we just didn’t know they love him enough to take him #1 overall. The first solid bit of evidence came from Adam Schefter a day ago when he claimed he had several inside sources telling him Trubisky will be taken #1.  And now on the morning of the draft, high profile draft analysts are following suit by placing Trubisky #1.

Where there’s smoke…a lot of smoke…there’s fire.

There’s an ever so small chance the 49ers are the real team hot to trout for Mitchell Trubisky here and that the Browns are trying to get them to trade up one spot in order to squeeze out as much value as they possibly can, but I’m not convinced the Browns are that smart.

The much easier (aka better) approach would be to use their 12th overall pick to move back up into the top 5 before teams like the Jets, Chargers, Bills, Saints, and any other QB needy team looking to trade up get the opportunity to take Trubisky.  But if the Browns are truly convinced the 49ers will select Trubisky, and they really love him as much as they apparently do…then they’ve got to do what they’ve got—continue to be the NFL’s laughing stock. Sorry, I’m not trying to poke fun at the Browns, but it just is what it is at this point. I didn’t think they could make a worse move than passing on QB Carson Wentz in last year’s draft, but lo and behold—here we are.


2) Myles Garrett (EDGE / Texas A&M)

- 2nd Option: None

- 3rd Option: None

- Dark Horse: None

– Not much to say here. The 49ers inexplicably get the steal of the century. Amazingly enough, the only downfall here is that landing Garrett could cause the 49ers to miss out on some of next year’s top QB talent: Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, and Josh Allen. If that were to be the case, then the assumption has to be that they’ll give Kirk Cousins quite the pay day next offseason.



3) Solomon Thomas (DL / Stanford)

- 2nd Option: Malik Hooker

- 3rd Option: Jamal Adams

- Dark Horse: Trade Down Multiple Times and Select DeShone Kizer

– Bear fans have been craving ballhawking defensive backs for awhile now, especially with former 1st round pick Kyle Fuller receiving the official “bust” label (apparently the passion just isn’t there). But while there are plenty of quality defensive backs to choose from in this year’s draft class, I think they go Solomon Thomas here at pick #3.

Claiming a team will draft someone because they have inside connections within the organization isn’t normally an ideal way to predict things and can be downright faulty logic, but I’m doing so in this instance. Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio used to be the defensive coordinator for Stanford during Thomas’ time there, so he has key insight as to the type of player and person Thomas is. His versatility along the line and strength in both the pass and run game make him an ideal nab for literally any defense in the league using whichever scheme. Pairing DT Eddie Goldman with a player like Thomas is going to help turn this defense around if they can also find a way to add help in the secondary as the draft unravels.


4) Deshaun Watson (QB / Clemson)

- 2nd Option: Leonard Fournette

- 3rd Option: Malik Hooker

- Dark Horse: Trade Down Multiple Times and Select DeShone Kizer

– Most of Jacksonville’s needs have already been taken care of via free agency this offseason. They didn’t hold back on a shopping frenzy that netted them the #1 cornerback (A.J. Bouye) and the #1 defensive lineman (Calais Campbell) available. They lost safety Jonathan Cyprien, but that was essentially offset by landing former Cowboys safety Barry Church. What they need to worry about now is offense.

The new scuttlebutt going around this morning is that the Bears and/or Jaguars have potentially set their sight on Clemson QB Deshaun Watson. For the Bears? I’m not convinced. I think they know Mike Glennon isn’t a long term solution, but I also think John Fox and co. are desperate to win now given that their jobs are on the line if they underperform again this upcoming season. I think they’re perfectly fine drafting Solomon Thomas like I pegged them to with the previous pick.

The Jaguars on the other hand? That’s a different story. In my previous mock draft in early March, I pegged them to take Deshaun Watson, and I’m certainly not changing that stance now that there’s even more substance to suggest he could go there.

Yes, they still have Blake Bortles on roster. But when you look as bad at QB as Bortles has of late and there’s a new regime in town? That doesn’t typically bode well for said QB. His awful ball mechanics, poor anticipation/awareness, and reported aloofness in focusing on his craft would likely make a gritty, old school guru like Tom Coughlin go absolutely insane. So unlike most teams who stubbornly stick it out with their high draft picks even after it’s clear that they won’t pan out, it appears as if the Jags will bow out early and figure things out right off the bat in the new Tom Coughlin era. Mock Draft Cake APPROVED.


*5) Jamal Adams (S / LSU)

*pick via Rams
- 2nd Option: Malik Hooker

- 3rd Option: O.J. Howard

- Dark Horse: Corey Davis

– Simply put, Adams is one of the best safety prospects the league as ever seen, and his impact should be immediate for whichever team he ends up with. He’d bring an apha male leadership and toughness to this young team on the rise.

That said, taking a safety this high would be somewhat of an upset—no matter how talented Adams is. The last time a safety was taken with a top 5 pick was in 1991 (Eric Turner by the Browns with the 2nd overall pick). For the mathematically challenged (aka me without this handy calculator I just opened on my computer), that’s 26 years. Having two safeties go in the top 10 could ignite somewhat of an awakening for the position. Depending on the impact both Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker make, GMs could prioritize the safety position going forward as opposed to the norm’ of playing the waiting game before selecting players of that position.


6) Marshon Lattimore (CB / Ohio St.)

- 2nd Option: Malik Hooker

- 3rd Option: O.J. Howard

- Dark Horse: Reuben Foster

– The Jets are in full rebuild mode right now, and there seems to be a divide on whether they want a QB here, or if they’re satisfied moving forward with Christian Hackenberg (2nd round pick in 2016 draft). One thing is for certain, the they’ve done a noticeable amount of homework and research on the top QBs in this class. I’d argue they’re just doing their job by leaving no stone unturned, and in the end they’ll be perfectly content to pass on a QB here in order to give head coach Todd Bowles some help with his niche—defense.

Given the lack of talent on their roster, they have the “luxury” of going for the best player available here—and that player is likely to be Marshon Lattimore.

Lattimore has all the talent in the world to be a shutdown corner in the league very early on in his career. In terms of physical speed/movement and the ball skills necessary to shadow receivers, he’s elite. Elite of the elite. The primary knock on him is that his injury prone hamstrings don’t hold up all that often. In addition to missing plenty of time at Ohio St., the guy couldn’t even make it past three drills at the NFL Combine before he had to shut it down. This will all come down to the medical evaluations teams conducted at the Combine that we aren’t privy to.

If Lattimore had zero injury concerns? Top 3 draft pick. No question in my mind. Any other player? They likely take a draft day tumble down the boards. But since Lattimore is such a special prospect, I’m guessing pick #6 (or the Chargers pick at #7) is the lowest he ends up.


7) Malik Hooker (S / Ohio St.)

- 2nd Option: Jonathan Allen

- 3rd Option: Patrick Mahomes

- Dark Horse: Christian McCaffrey

– The San Diego Los Angeles Chargers have a need in their defensive backfield, where they’re still reeling from the loss of longtime safety Eric Weddle. So I’m pegging Malik Hooker to go here. Not only does he fill a major need, but he’s also the best player available here at pick #7. It’s a perfect match.

New defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will carry over his defensive scheme from his Seattle days where he depended on a player like Kam Chancellor—a big, physical, tone setting safety. Now that description actually describes Jamal Adams more than Hooker, but Adams is gone by this point in the draft, making Hooker the “consolation” prize. In the end, both are fantastic prospects. The only difference is that Hooker is more of a centerfield type safety who’s going to perform amazingly against the pass, whereas Adams is more so your prototypical box safety who’s going to deliver big hits and be tremendous stopping the run.

That said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the possibility/idea that the Chargers could select Christian McCaffrey here. They just lost Danny Woodhead in free agency, and I can’t think of a better player to replace that 3rd down, pass catching role.


8) Christian McCaffrey (RB-WR / Stanford)

- 2nd Option: Leonard Fournette

- 3rd Option: John Ross III

- Dark Horse: Haason Reddick

– There appears to be a bit of an underlying *wink wink, nudge nudge* among media members who are, “In the know.” They’ve suggested the idea that the Panthers are targeting Christian McCaffrey. While I’m not completely sold that the Panthers would actually pass on Fournette if he fell to them, I’m going with it. This draft may be loaded at RB, but none have the type of swiss army knife skillset and versatility that McCaffrey brings. Draft McCaffrey now and go for a bruiser like D’Onta Foreman later on.


9) Leonard Fournette (RB / LSU)

- 2nd Option: Jonathan Allen

- 3rd Option: Ryan Ramczyk

- Dark Horse: O.J. Howard

– The Bengals have a lot of needs for a team that’s supposed to make another run at the playoffs under head coach Marvin Lewis. Their offensive line is an absolute disaster at the moment after losing both Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler in free agency. And to make matters worse, they didn’t spend any money in free agency on finding suitable replacements (no, Andre Smith does not count). They’ve drafted some young prospects within the past few years, but those selections already look shaky at best. Apologies to any Cedric Ogbuehi purists out there…

Trading down in hopes of landing a player like Ryan Ramczyk or Garett Bolles would be an ideal route if possible. This high, though? That’s a tough pill to swallow. I’m not convinced that’s the route they take.

Despite having Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard on roster, I think they go with the upgrade at RB in Leonard Fournette. It’s easier to come to this conclusion knowing they visited with 3 top RBs—Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook, and Joe Mixon—prior to tonight’s draft. Clearly they’re not sold on their current situation, especially with Hill’s fumbling issues. If a generational talent like Fournette falls into their laps? Sold.


10) O.J. Howard (TE / Alabama)

- 2nd Option: Jonathan Allen

- 3rd Option: Mike Williams

- Dark Horse: Patrick Mahomes

– Bills rumors are running rampant as the draft draws near. Local sports radio host and Bills beat writer Sal Capaccio has reported that the Bills have two or three players that they’re targeting and could look to move up in the draft to secure one or trade down if all of them are gone by pick #10. So…great. That’s not much help to those of us trying to sort through all of this madness. But he did at least mention two names: Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker. If the draft plays out anything like this mock draft, Hooker will be much easier to trade up 3 sports for if the Chargers are willing.

But I’m not ready to project a trade. I see the Chargers wanting and sticking with Hooker unless the Bills are willing to go overboard to make a trade happen.

So if they stay here without trading out, I have them going with O.J. Howard. You want a high floor, high ceiling prospect who’s best days of football are yet to come? This guy right here. Alabama flat out didn’t know how to utilize this specimen, but NFL teams won’t make that same mistake. Also worthy of noting is that he’s strong in both the pass game and blocking. It’s rare to find that combination at TE.

This will sound cliche, but the sky is the limit for Howard. I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes in the top 3.

Note: Want more proof he’s a freak athlete? Check out this article. Pound for pound, he’s the fastest player in this draft.


11) Haason Reddick (LB / Temple)

- 2nd Option: Patrick Mahomes

- 3rd Option: Jonathan Allen

- Dark Horse: Taco Charlton

– No player has helped himself prior to the draft more than Haason Reddick. He’s an elite athlete who was moved off the line to linebacker, and the results have boded extremely well for him.

Athletic linebackers appear to be all the craze of late, and I don’t expect Reddick to fall beyond the top 18. That’s pretty good considering he wasn’t even on the 1st round radar a few months back.

There’s a very distinct possibility the Saints nab Drew Brees’ heir apparent with this pick—likely Patrick Mahomes if they did. But I think their plan is to use their 32nd pick to draft a QB. For this pick, the Saints will likely continue their all out effort to improve their defense to give Drew Brees one or two more legitimate shots at a Super Bowl run.


*12) Corey Davis (WR / Western Michigan)

*pick via Eagles
- 2nd Option: Mike Williams

- 3rd Option: John Ross III

- Dark Horse: Ryan Ramczyk

– If the Browns end up taking Mitchell Trubisky with the #1 overall pick, look for their next pick to either bring in protection for him, or a weapon to pair with last year’s first round pick—Corey Coleman.

Davis has been injured this entire offseason, so teams haven’t been able to get a close look at him…but the game film speaks for itself. This is a big, elusive receiver who’s going to make defenders look silly with his innate ability to elude defenders. That’s largely why I think he’ll end up going before Mike Williams. There’s just so much more skill involved in Davis’ game. But he’ll need to fix his bad habit of having “concentration” drops if he doesn’t want to be the Browns’ next Greg Little.


13) Patrick Mahomes II (QB / Texas Tech)

- 2nd Option: Jonathan Allen

- 3rd Option: Reuben Foster

- Dark Horse: Marlon Humphrey

– The window has probably closed for Carson Palmer and the Cardinals to make another Super Bowl run before he retires. The time is now to draft his heir apparent.

When I watch Mahomes, I see a young Brett Favre with that “gamer” mentality. That could get him into a lot of trouble early in his career. But if there’s a coach who could help reel him in while allowing him to keep most of that gamer mentality, it’s an offensive genius like Bruce Arians


14) Dalvin Cook (RB / Florida St.)

- 2nd Option: John Ross III

- 3rd Option: Mike Williams

- Dark Horse: Marlon Humphrey

– Two seasons ago, the Eagles had what looked on paper to be a fantastic running game with both Demarco Murray and Ryan Mathews carrying the load.


After Murray failed to gel with the Eagles blocking scheme before trading him away, and because Mathews remains injury prone and and is quite the expert at fumbling, I expect the Eagles to take some heat off QB Carson Wentz by drafting an explosive playmaker like Dalvin Cook.

Cook recently admitted the Eagles have shown the most interest in him, and the woman who raised him—grandmother “Miss Betty”—told journalist Robert Klemko that the Eagles were the only team to personally call her to tell her how much they want Cook. They didn’t think he’d even be available at pick #14. Now that doesn’t make this selection set in stone, but the need and talent are a definite match here.

If they decide to pass on him, there’s a chance he could fall to the early second round due to character concerns.


15) Reuben Foster (LB / Alabama)

- 2nd Option: Jonathan Allen

- 3rd Option: Reuben Foster

- Dark Horse: Marlon Humphrey

– Despite getting into an altercation with medical staff at the NFL Combine, a positive urine test (came back as diluted), and neck concerns…teams apparently still love this guy. Talent wise alone, he’s a top 5 type of prospect.

Much like Jamal Adams, Foster is a tone setting, alpha male leader on defense. In regards to football smarts and leadership, this is a beloved prospect who’s off field issues aren’t enough to push him down the draft board. The Colts could use a tone setter like this.


16) Cam Robinson (OL / Alabama)

- 2nd Option: Jonathan Allen

- 3rd Option: Mike Williams

- Dark Horse: Jabrill Peppers

– Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome is a self admitted fan of drafting players from Alabama. He’s reportedly also looking to emulate the Cowboys’ dominant offensive line.

This pick appears to be a perfect match.

This pick could easily be Mike Williams to give Joe Flacco more dependable targets down the field, but I think they find hidden gems at receiver in later rounds. Having last year’s first round pick—Ronnie Stanley—on the blindside and adding Cam Robinson to the right will make for one of the best, young bookend tackle combos in the league.

But don’t count out Jabrill Peppers here. Despite the recent failed urine test at the Combine (diluted sample), head coach John Harbaugh and the Ravens have more insight to Peppers than any other team in the NFL because of his brother, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh. If Peppers is truly a clean prospect, the Ravens will be the first to know.


17) Jonathan Allen (DL / Alabama)

- 2nd Option: Taco Charlton

- 3rd Option: Charles Harris

- Dark Horse: Jarrad Davis

– As far as I’m concerned, Jonathan Allen is the biggest enigma in this draft. Not regarding his talent, mind you. In that regard, he’s one of the safest prospects a team could possibly take this year. The big questions here are how high is ceiling is and how his arthritic shoulders will hold up. That’s right, it’s possible to get arthritis in your early 20s. So far? He seems to have toughened it out and apparently doesn’t even take pain killers. But as a 30 year old athlete such as myself (playing basketball at Life Time Fitness counts…right?), masking injuries is far easier when young, but gets much worse with time. Much, much worse. Maybe that’s obvious to some, but you’d be surprised what certain teams are willing to gloss over.

Allen could still easily go in the top 10, but the late teens seems like a more reasonable spot given the question marks. Don’t expect him to fall any lower than this, though. Washington is absolutely desperate for help along the defensive line. And after a long, tumultuous offseason…fans could sure use a win here.


18) Mike Williams (WR / Clemson)

- 2nd Option: John Ross III

- 3rd Option: David Njoku

- Dark Horse: Marlon Humphrey

– The Titans added to their defense with their first pick, and the assumption is they’ll go to the other side of the ball for their second.

Finding an eventual replacement for aging TE Delanie Walker is on the to do list in this draft. So David Njoku could be an ideal candidate. But given how deep this draft class is at TE, solidifying the receiver position this early is more of a pressing need to fill.


19) David Njoku (TE / Florida)

- 2nd Option: Derek Barnett

- 3rd Option: Takkarist McKinley

- Dark Horse: Jabrill Peppers

– David Njoku is another athletic monster at TE. His upside is similar to that of O.J. Howard. Tight End isn’t the greatest need for Tampa Bay, but adding Njoku to a receiving core that also includes Mike Williams and newly acquired DeSean Jackson could put them over the top on offense and give this young, up and coming team a playoff birth for the first time in a decade.


20) John Ross III (WR / Washington)

- 2nd Option: Ryan Ramczyk

- 3rd Option: Garett Bolles

- Dark Horse: Forrest Lamp

– Within the last 24 hours, we’ve heard that the Broncos want to trade up in the draft. Their likely target appears to be Christian McCaffrey since they want to add speed to their roster on offense. But since McCaffrey is likely out of range and would cost too much to trade up for, why not go with the all-time record holder for the fastest 40 yard dash at the Combine? John Ross absolutely blew everyone out of the water when he beat Chris Johnson’s record that had remained intact for 9 years. The only downfall to Ross is his durability. He gets nicked up quite a bit and is currently recovering from two offseason surgeries.


21) Evan Engram (TE-WR / Ole Miss)

- 2nd Option: Derek Barnett

- 3rd Option: Takkarist McKinley

- Dark Horse: Jarrad Davis

– Many don’t expect Evan Engram to go this high, but it’s a sneaky pick I think we could see if David Njoku is gone by the time the Lions pick.

They already have Eric Ebron at TE, but he’s been nicked up far too often to depend on. Worst case, they go with two TE sets or move Engram out to receiver, where some think he’ll eventually end up.


22) Jarrad Davis (LB / Florida)

- 2nd Option: Derek Barnett

- 3rd Option: Marlon Humphrey

- Dark Horse: Jabrill Peppers

– Here’s a guy who got a little lost in the shuffle during the Combine as he was out with an injury.

The Dolphins need to fill up multiple starters at the linebacker position, and Davis is a guy who would likely start on day 1 and set the tone for their defensive. Simply put, this man is a beast.


23) Ryan Ramczyk (OT / Wisconsin)

- 2nd Option: Derek Barnett

- 3rd Option: Forrest Lamp

- Dark Horse: Davis Webb

– Another stellar tackle prospect in a long line of successes from Wisconsin. The Giants could look to find a replacement for Eli Manning here, but solidifying their offensive line will help give Eli every chance at success he can muster during his finals years playing.


24) Marlon Humphrey (CB / Alabama)

- 2nd Option: Derek Barnett

- 3rd Option: Charles Harris

- Dark Horse: T.J. Watt

– Here’s a player a lot of reporters are saying will go a lot higher than expected. I’m not ready to put him top 12 like some people, but I’ll definitely buy into him going to a team in the early-mid twenties. He’s a long corner in a similar mold as New York’s first round selection last year—Eli Manning. He gives up more big plays than one would like to see, but his size and length give him a leg up on other corners in this class. He’d be an ideal press corner in the league if he pans out and fixes those lapses that allow big plays.


25) Obi Melifonwu (DB / UCONN)

- 2nd Option: Derek Barnett

- 3rd Option: Garett Bolles

- Dark Horse: DeShone Kizer

– Houston could go a number of different directions here, but I think they replace A.J. Bouye—lost to the Jaguars in free agency—with Obi Melifonwu.

I know I’ve spoken about quite a few “athletic beasts” in this mock…but I’d refer to Obi’s athleticism as being on a completely different level. There’s simply no possible way a defensive back who’s this big and athletic falls to the second round.

I’m sure fans will be upset if they don’t draft a QB, but they sound content moving forward with Tom Savage as of now. They’re probably better off aiming for someone like Joshua Dobbs in round 2 instead of a project like DeShone Kizer in round 1.


26) Kevin King (CB / Washington)

- 2nd Option: Derek Barnett

- 3rd Option: Takkarist McKinley

- Dark Horse: Jabrill Peppers

– With Obi Melifonwu off the board, the Seahawks turn their attention to Kevin King—another ideal press corner in the NFL. What stands out about King is his speed and agility for a corner his size. He’s as fluid as you can be at the position and in a similar mold as Richard Sherman…who’s bound to inevitably get sent packing.


27) Charles Harris (EDGE / Missouri)

- 2nd Option: DeShone Kizer

- 3rd Option: Adoree' Jackson

- Dark Horse: Davis Webb

– The Chiefs appear to realize they’ll never make it far in the playoffs with Alex Smith under center. DeShone Kizer could be groomed to eventually takeover, but I think they go with Charles Harris if he’s still available here. With Tamba Hali’s career winding down and Justin Houston dealing with nagging injury issues, Harris would step in to help keep their pass rush from becoming obsolete.


28) Derek Barnett (DE / Tennessee)

- 2nd Option: Charles Harris

- 3rd Option: Takkarist McKinley

- Dark Horse: Jabrill Peppers

– The Cowboys need to be looking at defensive ends and defensive backs early in the draft, and Barnett would be an ideal steal for them. He’s been one of the most productive defensive ends in all of college football and only falls this far due to athleticism concerns.

Charles Harris is another player who has a great chance of going here.


29) Forrest Lamp (OG / Western Kentucky)

- 2nd Option: T.J. Watt

- 3rd Option: Adoree' Jackson

- Dark Horse: Tim Williams

– Not going to lie, I don’t feel good about putting Forrest Lamp this low. He dominated his position at the NFL Combine, and he could be in a similar mold as Dallas’ Zack Martin as a day 1 impact player at guard. The Packers would be fortunate to see him fall here after losing T.J. Lang to the division rival Lions.


30) DeShone Kizer (QB / Notre Dame)

- 2nd Option: Jabrill Peppers

- 3rd Option: Takkarist McKinley

- Dark Horse: Davis Webb

– The time to find Big Ben’s replacement is now. Kizer’s taken quite the tumble down the draft board of late, but the physical tools and understanding of a pro offense give him a leg up on teams looking for a “short grooming” process like Pittsburgh. That said, he’ll need to work on his decision making, where he consistently struggled in clutch situations last season.


31) Takkarist McKinley (EDGE / UCLA)

- 2nd Option: Taco Charlton

- 3rd Option: Adoree' Jackson

- Dark Horse: Jabrill Peppers

– The Falcons’ defensive philosophy appears to be centered around long defensive backs and speed in the trenches. The explosion McKinley brings on the edge is an ideal fit for a team needing help at the position.


*32) Davis Webb (QB / Cal)

*pick via Patriots
- 2nd Option: Tre'Davious White 

- 3rd Option: T.J. Watt

- Dark Horse: Joshua Dobbs

– Finishing off the first round, I have the Saints finding their eventual replacement for Drew Brees. Many would call this pick a huge reach. But with so many teams in need of a QB this offseason, that bumps up the value of all QBs in this draft class ten fold.


2nd Round:

browns-cake-icon33) Adoree’ Jackson (CB / USC)

49ers-cake-icon34) Garett Bolles (OT / Utah)

jaguars-cake-icon35) Jabrill Peppers (S/LB – Michigan)

bears-cake-icon36) Tre’Davious White (CB / LSU)

rams-cake-icon37) Zay Jones (WR / East Carolina)

chargers-cake-icon38) T.J. Watt (EDGE / Wisconsin)

jets-cake-icon39) Tyus Bowser (LB / Houston)

panthers-cake-icon40) Quincy Wilson (CB / Florida)

bengals-cake-icon41) Taco Charlton (DE / Michigan)

saints-coke-logo42) Budda Baker (S-CB / Washington)

eagles-cake-icon43) Sidney Jones (CB / Washington)

bills-cake-icon44) Malik McDowell (DL / Michigan St.)

cardinals-cake-logo45) Chidobe Awuzie (CB / Colorado)

colts-cake-icon46) Alvin Kamara (HB / Tennessee)

ravens-cake-icon47) Ryan Anderson (EDGE / Alabama)

vikings-cake-icon48) JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR / USC)

r-words-cake-icon49) Tim Williams (EDGE / Alabama)

buccaneers-cake-icon50) DeMarcus Walker (DE / Florida)

broncos-cake-icon51) Dan Feeney (OG / Indiana)

browns-cake-icon*via Titans: 52) Marcus Maye (S / Florida)

lions-cake-icon53) Cooper Kupp (WR / Eastern Washington)

dolphins-cake-icon54) Zach Cunningham (LB / Vanderbilt)

giants-cake-icon55) D’Onta Foreman (RB / Texas)

raiders-cake-icon56) Joe Mixon (RB / Oklahoma)

texans-cake-icon57) Joshua Dobbs (QB / Tennessee)

seahawks-cake-icon58) Dion Dawkins (OL / Temple)

chiefs-cake-icon59) Raekwon McMillan (LB / Ohio St.)

cowboys-cake-icon60) Josh Jones (S / NC State)

packers-cake-icon61) Damontae Kazee (CB / San Diego St.)

steelers-cake-logo62) Justin Evans (S / Texas A&M)

falcons-cake-icon63) Chris Wormley (DL / Michigan)

MDC-----Carolina-Panthers*via Patriots: 64) Curtis Samuel (RB-WR / Ohio St.)


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